When you attract more world customers, you BELONG

When you accept Diners Club International®, you open your door to more customers and increase your opportunities for sales. Diners Club cardmembers tend to be affluent, travel frequently, spend more and use their Diners Club credit card for business and pleasure. Accepting Diners Club automatically partners you with Discover® from the U.S., BC Card from Korea and DinaCard from Serbia for powerful worldwide reach and results. Expand


Global Partnerships

Strong partners and new opportunities

To help you add more sales volume from international tourists, Diners Club International® has partnered with other payment networks. That means that accepting Diners Club allows you to do business with the travelling cardmembers who use the following credit cards: Expand

Diners Club International, Discover, BC, DinaCard, RuPay

Diners Club

Millions of affluent cardmembers frequently travel internationally for business and pleasure and are motivated to spend through targeted marketing, services and rewards.

Discover from the U.S.

Discover promotes international credit card use among its millions of loyal cardmembers by targeting those identified as likely to travel and offering incentives and rewards.

BC Card from Korea

BC Card is the largest domestic payment network in South Korea with 11 member financial institutions, about 55 million credit credit cards and 32% market share.

DinaCard from Serbia

DinaCard gives domestic banks the ability to offer a national payment card to customers without up-front investments. Over 2.5 million DinaCards have been issued.

Rupay from India

Rupay is the Indian domestic credit card payment network being set up by National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) at the behest of banks in India. NPCI’s objective is to consolidate and integrate all retail payment systems in India. Since its founding in 2009, NPCI has grown its share of ATM transactions processed to 95% of the market in India.

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