Global Corporate Program

Diners Club offers a comprehensive Global Corporate Program that delivers a cost-effective, flexible and truly global solution for capturing and managing your Travel and Entertainment spend.

Giving you control over your T&E expenses, Diners Club serves your organization and employees with a globally managed program—through a single agreement. Consolidating all of the travel expenses for your employees around the world, Diners Club provides you with the information and tools you need to manage your program. With the comprehensive reporting solutions available at your fingertips, your organization will be equipped with the insights needed to further control and manage travel spending, enforce travel policy compliance, and strategically conduct vendor negotiations.

The Diners Club difference is a globally managed program with global pricing, yet administered at the country level. The result is consistent service around the world combined with the unique ability to respond to local situations that arise during the course of international business. Your expected – and unexpected – needs are always met.

Core features for your organization

The Diners Club strategy is to customize your expense management programs to your specific requirements from a comprehensive set of tools and options. Expand

Core features for your travelers

With Diners Club, you are assured that your travelers receive the services they need everywhere they go. Expand

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